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Rustic Weddings
June 27, 2017

Rustic Weddings

Fairly Lights, Lanterns, Vintage Trucks and Keepsakes – Examples of essential pieces to any Rustic Style Wedding!

What does it mean to be Rustic, to have a Rustic Wedding? The word itself is defined as ‘Rural, relating to the Countryside, Plain and Simple Fashion’. The best interpretation we can give of a Rustic Wedding is one of a personalized, paired back Wedding Style with emphasis on the couple’s home roots.

Rustic Weddings are often held or seen to be held outdoors, sometimes in a location with sentimental meaning to the couple or in a venue which aims to portray their relationship. Some venues to host such Weddings are, Kippure Estate – Wicklow, Mount Druid – Westmeath, The Pink Elephant – Cork, Rossahilly House & Barn – Fermanagh and many more all with a picturesque setting to compliment the rustic element.


With creating a rustic concept for your Wedding, or adding a rustic component it usually involves several different features. It can be incorporated through anything, Furniture, Flowers, Accessories, Catering even down to the Bride and Grooms choice of style.


Rustic Weddings can vary on every level, one could involve an outdoor ceremony and barn dance reception, the bride wearing wellies and the groom in a straw-hat. On another side, it could involve a Church Ceremony with an outdoor buffet and hay bales for seats. Each couple tailors their day to their taste and that is the beauty in Rustic Themed Weddings.


Adding a rustic vibe to your Wedding allows the couple to personalise their special day, enticing them to add their own quirky elegance. Rustic Style Weddings are seen more often now days especially in Ireland as the Emerald Isle has many vibrant locations to provide the Countryside feel. Here stems another topic of conversation, Elopement!


Becoming more popular in 2017, Rustic Weddings are an up and coming trend! This style of Wedding ventures out from the traditional Church style Wedding further enhancing the special day adding what the couple may feel as more sentiment and memory.


The team at Gotcha Covered love the idea of a Rustic Wedding and think it’s a timeless theme. If you have an Event or Wedding coming up and would like to try incorporate the ‘Rustic’ vibe be sure to get in contact with the team, we would be delighted to assist!

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