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Wedding Trends: Blush Pink
April 25, 2017



How much is too much?

The question on every women’s lips, for those who have a lust for Blush Pink, Rose Gold and all the pink, golden tones that you can think of.

Rose Quartz, as it is officially known, was voted Colour of the Year 2016 by, and was the year that created the phenomenal ‘Rose Gold’ Trend.

Before we knew it, the bold shade was taking over!



Reflecting on the Wedding and Events Industry, we saw little snippets here and there of the ‘Rose Gold’, slightly peeking out showing some brides were testing the waters on the popular shade.

I’ve often been asked myself, ‘How much Pink is too much?’ and I’m not too sure if it even has a definitive answer. Last year some brides opted for a simple yet cohesive ‘Rose Gold’ theme for their Wedding, placing it strategically throughout their invites, flowers, and small pieces of Décor.

Other brides totally flipped the coin and went all out with the playful pink tone, incorporating it into their Dress, Shoes, Cake, Table Cloths, Bespoke Centrepieces, Bridal Make-Up, even the Cutlery!



Moving onto 2017, only four months in and the trend is still going strong, although we have another shade to play around with this year. A softer, prettier tone of the ‘Pink’ family – Blush Pink. This trend has become well nested into the Weddings Industry in 2017 as Brides are becoming more and more confident with the Colour.

The ‘Blush’ shade seems to work a little better than the ‘Rose Gold’ as it is more approachable in creating designs and styling your big day! Providing a more soothing atmosphere, the ‘Blush Pink’ can be used perfectly in all aspects of your Wedding!

We recently styled a Wedding, pictured below, with gorgeous soft ‘Blush Pink’ tones and it proved to transcend perfectly with the couple’s Wedding theme.


The team at Gotcha Covered love the new tone and think it is going to a big fashion for 2017 having previously styled events and weddings in this colour. If you have an Event or Wedding coming up and would like to try out the ‘Blush Pink’ tones, please get in contact with the team and we would be delighted to assist!

See our Social Media for more images!




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